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At 99Plus, Each our products were designed for functionality in the real world to solve a problem. We're dedicated to revolutionizing self-care with our innovative suite of products. Our flag ship nano bath bombs and salves, with other topicals coming int he near future. These are designed to support both professional athletes and everyday individuals in reaching their peak potential. Our focus on performance and recovery without harmful ingredients sets us apart in the industry. We don't cut corners.

Additional Future Products

All Natural - Plant Based

Indulge in the luxury of our salves, experiencine resurgence as you end the day with ripped up hands from the gym or work. Our products are crafted to help you perform and recover at your best.

Optimized Nano

We offer a range of Nano-Plant Based Products are designed to provide relief for sore muscles and joints. Our products are crafted with precision and care to ensure maximum effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Proprietary Technology

Our suite of products are formulated to promote healthy skin and rejuvenation. With our proprietary designed ingredients for your skin will help you look & feel better within days & not months once it becomes a daily routine.

Our Products

Elevate your performance and recovery with 99Plus' cutting-edge plant based products. Our range includes bath bombs, salves, chap sticks & more coming soon. These are tailored to enhance your physical well-being and help you achieve your goals for success in life. You can purchase our products now & bundle to sane.

Bath Bombs for Performance & Recovery

Unleash the potential of Nano Bath Bombs with our premium range of bath. Crafted to aid in recovery, optimize performance, and provide a winning edge, our products are ideal for both professional athletes and individuals pursuing excellence in their daily lives.

Salves with Essential Oils & Herbs

Harness the power of our proprietary recipe & process for targeted relief. Our proprietary blend includes essential oils, herbs, aromatics & hemp extract for enhanced recovery, and optimized performance. Our innovative products, are designed to support professional athletes and individuals striving for peak performance & overall wellness in their daily lives.

Discover our line of plant derived ingredients designed to help all athletes achieve peak performance and optimal recovery. Our unique blend of nano technology offers targeted relief and support to enhance your athletic abilities. Purchase our products today & bundle to save!

"I've been using 99Plus bath bombs and performance products for months now, and I can't believe the difference it has made in my recovery after intense workouts. As a professional NFL athlete, I need to be at the top of my game, and these products have helped me achieve that."

NFL 2 Time SuperBowl Champion & Sack Lead for the Kansa City Chiefs - George Karlaftis


Product Composition and Usage

Yes, our hemp + nano technology products are free of toxic chemicals and can be safely used by anyone seeking enhanced performance and recovery.

Performance and Recovery Support

Absolutely, our products are designed to support the performance and recovery of both professional athletes and everyday individuals striving for success in their pursuits.

Product Safety and Effectiveness

Indeed, our hemp + nano technology products are meticulously crafted to support optimal performance and quick recovery without the presence of ingredients that could have harmful effects.

Usage and Benefits

Certainly, our product lines, including salves, lotions, & creams are all infused with our specialized hemp + nano technology for enhanced performance and recovery.

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